Space Energy Balance ©

Front Gate and Steps to Spanish Style Home

No matter if you follow the « Compass school » or the « Landscape school » in your use of Feng shui, this Chinese ancient tradition can quickly become a headache to apply in our Occidental countries !

If simple methods and tips can be easy to apply in our daily search for harmony and abundance, other ones, specially involving the architecture of our homes and offices are sometimes just impossible to adapt.

Create Yourself a Serene Home

Rita’s unique method combines ancient wisdom, modern tools and her sensitivity to the surrounding environment, and consists in bringing back harmony and flow to places where energetic chaos seems to overtake. This can happen for very various reasons like the history of the building/land, or the influence of the inhabitants and their ancestors etc…

When the energy is out of alignment in our living space or workplace, we can feel totally drained or overwhelmed by stress. Creating a healthy place to live in is specially important if your household includes young children.

Some people are more sensitive and aware of this while a lot of people go on living their daily routine, victim of chronic fatigue, burn outs or even diseases. The daily « dis-ease » then turns into the « disease » in their energetic and physical body without seemingly « rational » explanation.

The changes made in your unique private sanctuary are as individual as you are, with respect to your specific needs and tastes. To book an appointment, please visit our contact page.

The Space Energy Balance© method consists in :

  • Bringing back harmony in your environment, with recommendation on de-clutering (if necessary)
  • Boosting the energy of a sluggish place,
  • Bringing back peace and quite to a stressfull work or private environment by neutralizing the source of the stress in the physical or energetic imprint of the space.
  • Bringing back awareness to the inhabitants or co-workers in order to set a lasting balance in the place: the success of the newly set balance depends also upon each ones responsibility to maintain a healthy vibratory frequency in the place on the long run!


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