About Rita Minassian

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Rita Minassian is a psychic medium, author of «Rita’s Spritual Blog», a comprehensive blog dedicated to exploring topics about energy work, health, conscious living and spiritual science.

She loves to explore the possibilities offered by alternative medecine, quantum mechanics and laws of nature, sacred geometry and how energy affects the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, beyond any religious belief or group belonging.

We use at most, 8% of the potential of our mind. Conviced that people possess more power and possibilities than they realize, Rita organizes workshops to accompany people to develop their 6th sense, in order to help everyone experience an extend their perception of other realities.

Private sessions and workshops can also be organised for corporates associates to help them in their personal development. As energy travels through space-time beyond the norm of our reality, this is why consultations can be done by distance as well with equal efficiency.


Rita’s Journey

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Natural born psychic medium, Rita grew up in France. She started to use her abilities at the age of 5, first by seeing Auras around people (electro-magnetic field surrounding all beings) and by percieving people’s true nature and feelings using her early clairvoyant and empathic abilities unknowingly.

Spirit Guides and passed ones would also start to manifest to her at the age of 8, with whom she would play hide and seek. They would manifest their presence by telepathic communication or through beautiful scents around. She would keep secret the development of what she thought a «normal» perception for everyone though. As a teenager, the books of Victor Hugo and Allan Kardec about their connection to the spirit worlds, and later, Dr Raymond Moody’s and Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s about NDE (Near Death Experience), opened a world of new possibilities, validated her perceptions of other realities. She would then experience a various range of psychic tools like precognition, lucid dreaming, tarot reading and in 2000, automatic writing and electronic communication with passed ones (TCI technique).

In parallel with her evolution as a psychic and her interest to the traditional and far Eastern phylosophies, it was time for university. After a bachelor’s degree in marketing and business management, and a DEUG in history of arts, she built her professional career in corporate and industrial companies (LinkedIn profile here). In 2002, she decided to merge her skills and her love of art by organising exhibitions and art fairs as PR and communication manager globally.

Her psychic abilities naturally lead her to provide intuitive informations to  her corporate coworkers. At first, it seemed challenging to interact with people evolving in practical spheres, far from paranormal considerations. But she soon realised that people was actually very open to share their own experience with subtle realms. In 2005, intuitive messages to be shared would manifest on a daily basis, most of all from beloved passed ones, she realised her true calling was to merge her mediumship and professional life.

She started to give readings on a professional basis as a medium and workshop facilitator and founded the Akasha Institute © in Lyon (France), an organization dedicated to explore paranormal phenomena and facilitate the improvement of people’s extra-sensorial perceptions. Rita strongly believes that «paranormal» is normal, so everyone in intuitive by nature. Through time, her sensitivity to her environment and to what she defines as the «memory of the walls» of buildings, hotels or a private spaces, made her an expert in Space Energy Balance© only with the use of her inner compass.

Her multicultural background and her multiple travels around the world, brought the gift of experiencing a variety of cultures and religions which broadened her believes and a better understanding of human psychology. From the US to Australia, her spiritual journey lead her to visit mystical places and experience holistic medicine in China, South East Asia and India with group retreats, connect to the Divine feminine energies in Turkey, Egypt, Israel and Iran with the Zoroastrian culture.

In 2009, during her 3rd trip to India and in most amazing series of synchronicities, she followed the teachings of the 14th Dalai Lama in an initiatory travel to Dharamsala (Himalayas), where his Holiness and the Tibetan government in exile reside.

The same year, after experiencing an outstanding accurate analysis of her birth chart by an experienced 80 years old buddhist astrologer, educated by her doctor and astrologer father, Rita decided to learn the language of the stars. Both Jungian psychological and karmic approaches are part of her training in France, Switzerland and in London at the Center for Psychological Astrology (CPA), founded by Liz Greene. Rita provides intuitive astrology readings around the world.

Her core philosophy of life is to apply Mahatma Gandhi’s saying and “be the change you want to see in the world ”, this ultimatly leads everyone to be their own master and miraculously co-create the reality of they dream, for themselves and for humanity at large, as we’re all interconnected.

Based on her deep interest on quantum physics, particularly Heisenberg’s work, such as contemporary physicists like Rupert Sheldrake, Michio Kaku and Stephen Hawkings, she believes Microcosm and Macrocosm are intertwined and evolve in an ongoing growth process that science will completely unveil one day.

Rita is the author of “Rita’s Spiritual Blog”, a comprehensive blog dedicated to exploring topics about energy work, holistic health, conscious living and spiritual science. She provides private readings around the world and speaks 4 languages. She is a yoga practitioner since 2005 and a licensed Reiki Usui master since 2006.


Field of expertise:

. Psychic readings (Aura, Chakras & parallel life readings)

. Holistic therapist (Aura, Chakras balancing through energy bodies scanning, implant removal, crystal therapy, etc…)

. Genealogical line / DNA program reading and balancing, encoding upgrades

. Astrology analysis

. Space Energy Balance ©

. Meditation instructor, Personal Mantra channeling

. Workshop facilitator

. Reiki trainer

. Initiatory travel & retreat planning